My Universe Seeker F.

What can I say about her? She's awesome.
A great person, she's fun to talk with, she's a very good friend, she's caring, she's sweet, she gets hyper, she's a great photoeditor (YES you are! I said it and not taking it back! muahahaha =P), she had made me smile when I'm down, she had made laugh like a maniac on the other side of the screen so hard people would look at me in a weird way. She has made me cry, but both ways happy and sad;  and I know I've made her cry as well, and I'm really sorry for that... -sighs- really. She has been there for me, as I've been there for her. She has made a change in me, she has taught me things, from thoughts to new words (words as this isn't my main language), and lots of things I could keep going on.

Even tho, I have noticed a change in both of us these last months, of course I know there would be a change... yeah, I still consider her my best friend, even when we are far away, and the only way to talk is via msn or myspace, even tho if something ever happens and this friendship, for some reason...ends... (I hope so not fron the bottom of my heart)...I will consider her the same, no matter what. 

She knows Im here for her, whenever she needs a hug (virtual of course, but hey! It is a hug! ¬¬), whenever she needs to talk, whenever she needs a friend. I'll be here and I'll try to make her feel better... I'm really trying