domingo, 4 de julio de 2010


I hope you had a good day today =) 4 July, big day isn't it? I wonder what they do around there in this day. Independence Day, I like it here n_n in September it is really cool, I bet it is there as well :)

How was your day? I hope it was good, and if you felt bad or that bad headache dared to make its appearance I hope both things went away.
I fell today x______________________________x we went to the park, I had to rent these skates cause I couldn't find mine and in the process of teaching Fer how to skate round the skating rink she fell -.- and while trying to help her up the sloping and the force made me fall forward x_x did that make sense at all? O.o I'm not thinking right now haha well, point is both of us ended up x_x my whole body hurts! XD I hit my knees, my elbows and I'm glad I didn't hit in the head. Actually Fer didn't suffer any harm in that fall, but in the second one she had O.o that really was bad O.O but good it wasn't serious.

My computer was being used by my mum, hers had a little inconvenient with a virus and by tomorrow she'll have it again. But in the times I could use mine I was cleaning up the hotmail account, I have decided to clean it up three times a week so I don't end up with the infinite number of emails like last time XD... going back to the subject, I was cleaning it and saw that email of instructables. It had lots of links to different projects but this one was the coolest. I saw it and made me think of you as I said, of Universe Seekers hehe. Imagine the ceiling full of stars O.O I wouldn't use that phrase that I'm getting used to say "I'm looking at the imaginary stars of my ceiling" cause actually they'd look like stars at least haha. And and you could see the stars as well, without those clouds out refusing to show those little sparkling shiny dots and not having to blow them away ;)

Fer saw the project too -chuckles- she loved it as much as I did when I saw it, so... if I'm planning to do that to my room, which would last a bit and end up being a complete mess knowing me, I'll have to work double cause I'm sure she'll want the same for hers hehe theeeeeeeeeen it would be a double mess! Hahaha. Well, I could show it to you in that little space I had when I stole my comp, sounds funny XD steal my own comp, and then I had to go =/

Well, as I'm stealing it again to write this hahaha, I think I should go to bed and try to sleep. Mum is kidnapping me to go with her to her school probably and I have to wake up early -.-' but you know something? Im lazy XD

Here's the link once again of the instructable

And the awesome video:

Hope you're having a good night and resting well, sweeeeeeet dreams!!

Your Universe Seeker

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